Ryan Todd Films | Cinematography Resume
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Cinematography Resume


WHAT HAPPENS IN ENCINO – Independent short film

  • A dark comedy about a man coming home from his bachelor party to confess his wrong- doings to his wife, only to find she’s been up to some trouble herself.
  • Premiered at the Friar’s club film festival in NYC.
  • Shot on Panasonic HVX

TALENT – Independent short film

  • A dark thriller about an actress doing anything she can to become a star, including killing her scene partner and male obsession.
  • Shot on Panasonic HVX

OUROBOROS – Independent short film

  • A dark horror/thriller following a killer trying to make a girlfriend for himself, using the dismembered body parts of his victims.
  • Shot on 16mm

9th INNING – Independent short film

  • A narrative drama about a young boy dealing with the illness of his childhood hero, his uncle.
  • Shot on 16mm

University of California Santa Barbara 2000-2004

  • BA in Film Studies – emphasis in Directing and Cinematography

New York Film Academy 2003

  • 6 week intensive program focused on film production and directing

Shot several films and music videos on 16mm film on the Universal Studios backlot