Ryan Todd Films | Professional
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Lead Witness Capture Operator – “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” 2013-2014

  • Shot on Sony F3 cameras during production of the film and in the motion capture volume. All footage shot was used as animation reference for VFX artists.

Assistant to Jim Sharp – EVP Production, Twentieth Century Fox Television 2011-2012

  • Assisted Mr. Sharp in overseeing all areas of Fox Television production. Responsibilities included coordinating all show budgets and production issues between studio executives and show production staffs, as well as answering heavy phones, filing, and scheduling for Mr. Sharp.

Assistant to Rupert Wyatt – Director of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” 2010-2011Assisted the

  • Director in all areas of Pre-Production, Physical Production, and Post Production. Acted as his liaison between 20th Century Fox executives and all heads of department. Accompanied the Director up to Vancouver for 5 months of Production and completion of principal photography.

Assistant to Robert Green – Creative Producer and Head of USR Content / Fox Digital 2009-2010

  • Acted as assistant to Mr. Green, as well as POC and Office Manager for USR Content. Responsibilitiesincluded hiring crew during prep and production of independent features and numerous Fox Digital Web Series, as well as handling all deal memos, equipment rental for all projects, scheduling, rolling calls.

Key Set Production Assistant – “Heroes” – Seasons 1 and 2 2007-2008

  • Responsible for wrangling background, distribution of crew radios, office distro, setting lockups between other PA’s, and assisting AD staff in all other areas of Television Production.

Office Production Assistant – “Will and Grace” – Season 8 2006-2007

  • Duties included NBC/Universal Network runs, answering phones, audience coordinating for live shows, and assisting in all other areas of sitcom television production

Production Secretary – NBC / Universal Television Production 2005

  • Floating assistant to Exec VP Jerry DiCanio and VP’s Susan Dale Ross, Pam Putch, and Jim McGee. Duties included answering heavy phones, data entry, filing, and scheduling

University of California Santa Barbara 2000-2004

  • BA in Film Studies – emphasis in Production/Directing
  • Mac Proficient, Excel, Word, Final Draft, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Photoshop
  • VFX Producer – Ryan Stafford
  • Film Director – Rupert Wyatt